How about a dream vacation or a dream job? Anything is possible. Join us, and we will add spice to your life. We offer options and opportunities that are not readily available in ordinary jobs.

Just let us know about you. Tell us what you can do, what you want to accomplish and who you are. It’s that easy. And your world will start moving at a completely different pace.

In +people, we put your desires first place and endeavor to build long-term partnerships. We work hard to ensure that we have the most exciting IT opportunities in dynamically developing or already developed organizations worldwide.


One of the most important tasks that we want to devote full attention to is to carefully prepare conditions for problem-free relations. Selected candidates are offered the services of a lawyer, who will be available for the development of secure contracts before any contracts are signed. Clear rules create conditions for the quality of work and ensure that the employee does not feel threatened or bound by the contracts. Our lawyers are proficient in commercial and international law.

Collecting base materials for contracts
Representation in negotiations
Preparation of contracts
Insurance preparation
Consultation / Inspection of contract acceptance
Advice on mediation proceedings



We offer opportunities for premium income.


You’re the master of your time.


We may extend your contract once it has ended.


You’ll have an early opportunity to fill your dreams.


You’ll have the chance to work on selected projects with your own team.


Experienced lawyers are ready to help you with the preparation of contracts.


We will help you with the necessary insurance and assistance in the efficient management of your finances.


You can count on our help in building your own business and life-long personal and professional projects.

Exclusive partnership

We are interested in long-term cooperation with the best.

Balance between work and private life

You’ll have the opportunity to spend more time with family and with the people you care about.


  • Global mobility in companies in Slovakia and abroad
  • Continuity of offers and new opportunities after the completion of the agreed contracts
  • Access to continued opportunities for IT freelancers
  • Individual approach to each co-worker
  • Legal services in the preparations of contracts
  • Professional and discreet presentation to clients even when you’re still employed


The +people team will support you throughout the selection process and training,  together with your future business partners. We support your skills and experience and give you access to global companies, which in turn can support your career ambitions. We will prepare you for entry negotiations, and we will walk you through the process of preparation and legal services.

+people – We are building an exclusive network of trustworthy and skilled professionals who are available to start work immediately on custom projects

The aim of the +people program is to build a trusted partnership in favor of our client partners who rely on us to deliver the most talented consultants.

As our partner, you will experience a unique environment for personal and professional development brought about through advice and offered opportunities. This is created by our proactive representation among partners and will bring additional security and new opportunities at the end of each contract.

plus people

We are entering the information technology market with the offer of high-quality developers for business companies as well as developers who are looking for new IT projects - challenges for their application. Technologies such as SAP, PHP, Oracle, Salesforce, Java, .NET, iOS and Android development, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Unix, C ++ and others offer great scope for successful projects.


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Štúrova 27, Košice 040 01, Slovakia

Bratislava address:
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Email: lucia.noskovicova@pluspeople.com
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