We focus on search and delivering IT professionals. Since the most demand comes from the areas of software development, testing, and project management, we supply software engineers, developers, testers, and other team members for your project. We care about the required level of expertise and experience to fit exactly what our clients are looking for.

Trusted relationships are most important for us. We wish to have a long-term relationship with your business based on the quality of service we deliver.

We are based in the city of Bratislava and Košice and are able to find a skilled IT professional for your business either in Slovakia or abroad. KošiceIT Valley and Bratislava are famous for its concentration of experienced IT specialists. Due to the active presence of global brands as well as high-quality Universities, there are plenty of educated, skilled, and hard-working people to be found.

PlusPeople.com operates in Slovakia and acts as an HR agency. Our goal is to connect your information technology needs with IT professionals and to supply IT engineers for your projects.



Reduced costs conserve your resources. Efficiency - fixed costs are transformed into variable costs.


Our people start projects quickly, responsibly and committedly.


We cooperate with IT specialists from Eastern and Central Europe - with a high level of responsibility, quality education, and hard working deployment.


Focusing on the personality requirements of contractors is our priority, which sets us apart.


We use a unique method of selecting suitable candidates with an emphasis on personality and character skills to work with sensitive data.


We provide continuous support in supplying the professionals for your projects.

Human Potential

We are interested in being a partner who helps not only meet your criteria but enables you to reach out your goals and visions.


Conduct your plans with people who take personal responsibility for adhering to the rules.

Legal Service

We offer the services of experienced lawyers in the process of preparation correct contract agreement.


We deliver experts in the exactly desired positions.

We are sure that you understand what the recruitment process, the integration of new employees, or early dismissals entail. Not to mention the expensive training process in the IT field.

The time and cost of spending hours and days sorting through hundreds of CVs and the hours of interviewing candidates are often overlooked. Many times, the whole effort is wasted when the candidate ends their position before they even starting properly. This is where we come in and create a group of “Legionnaires" – people professionally prepared both on professional and personal levels to begin work immediately.

Cluster organizations are compared in order to demonstrate their ability and interest in increasing their excellence. Based on the assessment of ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis), experts from Košice IT Valley received the certificate “Golden Label Cluster" in 2015, thus, making it one of the selected clusters that have proven their viability and quality of services. This award was granted by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI, www.cluster-excellence.eu/quality.html), an independent organization that evaluates the quality of clusters

Our goal and mission are to select individuals who meet both professional and certified qualification levels but also have personal characteristics ensuring the fastest possible adaptation towards clients. Last but not least, communication within the company is of utmost importance, especially in order to ensure that temporary contractors i.e., IT specialists, are not considered to be a threat by the permanent staff.

As for us, we will work hard in order to surpass the expectations of clients and contractors.

plus people

We are entering the information technology market with the offer of high-quality developers for business companies as well as developers who are looking for new IT projects - challenges for their application. Technologies such as SAP, PHP, Oracle, Salesforce, Java, .NET, iOS and Android development, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Unix, C ++ and others offer great scope for successful projects.


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